Syracuse Food Truck Association

Mission Statement:   The Syracuse Food Truck Association was created with the goal of bringing together local mobile food vendors to promote the growth of the mobile food industry in Syracuse and Central New York. Our three main objectives are:

  • To educate the public that mobile vendors are held to the same, if not higher health & safety standards and regulations as brick and mortars

  • To collaborate with local government to enact legislation that is conducive to a growing mobile culture

  • To promote a philanthropic and socially responsible environment among all SFTA members

We believe we can contribute to a diverse, high quality culinary scene through a cooperative effort between the SFTA, local government, community organizations, event planners, and the customer.  

Some History: In early 2015, a group of local mobile food vendors got together to promote, educate and lobby for the fast growing food truck culture in Central New York. Some new, some veterans in the world of food trucks. We work directly with vendors, event planners, municipal governments, promoters and customers to grow food truck events and help promote local food trucks/trailers/carts. 

About Us